Draw technical drawings
in 2D CAD software online

Fast and safe designing in a web browser


Create technical drawings like a professional

Intuitive app for creating technical documentation for any industry.

online CAD design
  • Draw spectacular designs!

    Thanks to our app, you can design, for example:

    • plan, cross-section or elevation of building
    • any construction component
    • plot development plan
    • gas, water and sewage, and sanitary systems
    • electrical system
    • heating system
    • ventilation system
    • road traffic management
    • industrial automation

    You can share and showcase each of your designs online, save them in PNG or SVG format for later incorporation into technical documentation.

Use symbol libraries

Thousands of ready-made symbols to accelerate your work.

ready-made libraries
  • Hundreds of ready-made libraries available.

    Accelerate the creation of technical drawings using symbol libraries for any of the following industries:

    • construction and architecture
    • sanitary and industrial systems
    • mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics
    • electrical systems
    • road signage
    • garden designing
    • geodesy and maps
    • telecommunications

    Every library is available free of charge via the subscriptions on offer. You can either disable libraries you do not intend to use or create a custom library using the existing symbols.

Be a team player

Invite, collaborate, share and track changes.

  • Intuitive and simple teamwork tools

    Designed for the collaborative development of sophisticated technical drawings – tools and features such as direct uploading, sharing and merging designs.

  • Work with ease from anywhere

    All your drawings can be accessed via the cloud. You can open, showcase or even edit them from wherever you are. All you need is a web browser.

  • Comment, highlight, improve

    Utilise comments and revision clouds. Share your valuable comments and get feedback from colleagues.