Geodesy and maps

Creation of digital maps and situation plans.

Create digital maps

CAD programme for land surveyors.

CAD programme for land surveyors
  • Support for various formats

    The programme supports several file formats, including DXF, enabling the opening of digital maps, making changes and sharing files.

  • Export to DXF, PDF, PNG

    Save either all or part of the map to any third-party programme and compile professional land surveying documentation.

  • Advanced printing features

    Enjoy the feature for printing a selected part of the map at any scale, whatever the angle.

Raster and vector maps

Do your designing on high-quality raster maps.

raster maps in the CAD programme
  • Raster maps

    Insert your map scans and apply them in designing road traffic management. The inserted raster map can be scaled or rotated as desired.

  • Vector maps

    Import vector map in DXF format. Thus imported underlay can be modified as needed, e.g. by removing or concealing unwanted layers.