Sanitary and electrical systems

Toolkit for gas, plumbing and electrical system designers.

Design any installation

Powerful tool for designing sanitary and electrical systems.

system designs
  • Libraries of installation symbols

    Employ ready-made symbol libraries to design gas, central heating, water and sewage or electrical systems.

  • Symbols are included in the programme price

    All symbol libraries are available immediately and free of charge. All it takes is to choose which ones you want to use.

  • Custom symbol libraries

    The programme enables the creation of customised symbol libraries. You can create them from scratch or by modifying the existing libraries.

Organised structure

Make use of sheets and layers to make your work easier.

layers and sheets
  • Design large-scale systems

    Design complex systems of large facilities quicker. Lay out systems from each floor on separate sheets to make the design clearer.

  • Exploit the layers feature

    You can lay out heating, sanitary or electrical systems on a single design. All using layers, each representing one of the systems. You can print, export or share layers of your choice if you are working in a team.