Industrial automation

Kit of symbols for industrial automation designing.

Free symbol library

Exploit a library of several hundred industrial automation symbols.

symbol library
  • Breakdown by theme

    The entire library is broken down by theme, so that searching for and inserting symbols into a drawing is incredibly quick.

  • Hundreds of ready-made symbols

    You can access symbols for connections, meters, loggers, valves, reducers, actuators, sensors, receivers, transmitters, to name but a few.

  • Create your own library

    Using the existing libraries, you can create your own library for designing industrial automation even faster.

Be more productive in designing

Work faster with sheets and layers.

sheets and layers
  • Divide design into sheets

    You can divide complex industrial systems and make the design clearer. The entire installation can be divided by intended use or location.

  • Apply layers

    Leverage the layer management tool to structure your design even better. Each layer can be temporarily concealed or isolated. You can print, export or share layers of your choice.