Road traffic management

Toolkit and symbols for road traffic management designing.

Traffic sign library

High-quality vector, vertical and horizontal traffic signs.

traffic sign library
  • Colour and black-and-white versions

    Employ the feature to insert symbols in their original colours or in greyscale. Label signs as being designed, decommissioned or existing.

  • Flexible positioning

    Indicate the location and direction of inserted signs via the lookup feature or embed them as standalone symbols.

  • Creation of customised symbols

    Create customised information boards and direction signs using the existing traffic sign symbols.

Multi-page printouts

Print entire designs or selected pieces, whatever the angle.

multi-page printing
  • Convenient printing

    Print designs at any scale, whatever the angle. Thanks to this, the printed design is both clear and easy to move around, regardless of whether it is a PDF file or a paper printout.

  • Division of printouts into pages

    Utilise the page division feature with margins and print designs of any size using an A4 printer.