About us

We are a group of developers with years of experience in developing commercial IT solutions. Throughout our operations, we have developed a number of applications, initially for Windows systems, currently running independently of the platform, in web browsers.

Technological changes have brought about the development of fast, web-based graphic applications. Hence, leveraging our knowledge of the technology and the market, we have decided to deploy a design support software called TechCAD, which enables the creation of extensive technical drawings and designs in a broad array of engineering domains.

What we are doing

We are working relentlessly and hard to deliver a user-friendly yet comprehensive CAD tool. We know perfectly well what designers need and we are committed to providing it to them. We are continuing to develop the programme together with them, listening to their feedback.

We are dedicated to providing software that is, on the one hand, DWG-compliant and, on the other, does not require the use of any files (a relic of a previous era) for data exchange. We are developing an open API to share a drawing not only between TechCAD users but between any programme whose the Creators would choose to collaborate.