Construction and architecture

Toolkit for civil engineers and architects.

Technical construction drawings

Toolkit for productive drafting of construction designs.

building and surroundings designing
  • Plans and cross-sections

    Employ precision drafting features to create building plans and cross-sections like a professional. Move, copy, rotate and accelerate your designing.

  • Elevation designs

    Create spectacular façade designs. Employ the hatched feature and use dozens of patterns to introduce brick, stone or other finishing touches.

  • Landscape architecture

    Design building surroundings with libraries of plant symbols, garden equipment or landscaping items.

Dimensioning and text

Advanced dimensioning features and drawing description tools.

automatic dimensioning and description
  • Dimensioning style definitions

    Exploit style definition features and accelerate your dimensioning. Customise the attributes of all design dimensions with just one click.

  • Automatic dimensioning

    Utilise the available tools: free, horizontal, vertical, baseline and series dimensioning, as well as radius/diameter measurement.

  • Description features

    Describe any part of the drawing in a quick and streamlined fashion. Choose from available fonts of different typefaces and thicknesses.

Layers and sheets

Well-structured technical documentation is a must.

layers and sheets
  • Working on layers

    Define layers and accelerate designing with them. You can conceal each layer, lock it from editing or copy it to another design.

  • Single design – multiple sheets

    In view to make your work more efficient, design can be divided into sheets. Each sheet can show a separate plan, cross-section or elevation.

  • Exporting and printing

    Each sheet or selected layer can be exported or copied to the clipboard. Doing so enables you to create new drawings using the existing ones.