CAD tool for professionals

Toolkit to create any technical documentation in a quick and effortless fashion.

Comprehensive toolkit

Enjoy several hundred commands and features readily available.

toolkit of several hundred tools
  • Drafting and transformation

    Every tool is organised by tab and category. The most important features involve drafting and transformations. They are available via the main tab, so you can access them seamlessly.

  • Location of objects

    Layout objects with just one click. Align horizontally, centrally or vertically. Arrange distances or change the sequence. Design quickly and accurately.

  • Dimensioning

    Dimensionalise using predefined styles to speed up your work. You can see how the dimension lines look in the built-in preview tool.

Sheets and layers

Lay out your design using layers and sheets.

sheets and layers
  • Division into sheets

    Separate plans and cross-sections or various parts of a major design using sheets. Each sheet can come with a different scale, print settings and layer definitions, thus enabling you to encapsulate your entire design in a single file.

  • Print and export sheets

    Experience the simplicity of printing or exporting sheets. You can set up separate scales and print units, and save to PDF or export to DXF, PNG or SVG.

  • Work with layers

    Define design layers – enable and activate only those you are currently working on and disable those that only serve as an underlay. Print, export or share selected layers with colleagues.

Working in the cloud

Seize the full potential of working online.

versions and backups
  • Share designs

    You can share your drawing with colleagues and customers. Programme users will receive a link so that they can directly access the design. All others will receive a PDF, PNG or SVG file, which they open in a web browser.

  • Work from anywhere!

    The programme is cloud-based and all drawings are hosted on our servers. All you need to work is a web browser. You do not have to install or update anything, and you do not have to worry about licensing.

  • Data security

    Say goodbye to manual back-ups, disk clutter and mistakenly overwritten files. The programme produces all copies. If you unintentionally delete a design, the back-up restoration feature will recover it.