Getting started

Learn about the programme interface. Discover what each tool is used for and how to use it.

Getting started

You can use the programme as soon as you register your account. Once logged in, we are welcomed by the drawing management panel, which makes it possible, among other things, to create, open or share drawings.

At the top, you can find the search bar and icons for purchasing a subscription, changing the theme (light/dark), going to settings and logging out. The left-hand side allows the grouping of drawings. It is of particular benefit when we do a lot of design drawings. The drawings can be categorised by year or by theme.

The main section consists of a tiled list of drawings. Use the first tile (blue) to create new drawings. The other tiles represent the existing drawings you can open with a click. You can open each drawing under a separate tab using the menu available at the top right of the tile. Via the aforementioned menu, you can also share or clone the drawing and rename it.